Imaging for Industry


Industrial imaging and image processing is becoming ever more important – in 2011, for example, German imaging companies have achieved a record turnover of 1.5 billion Euros. Image processing systems are by now established as reliable measuring devices, applications include simulation, visualization, and dimensional accuracy checks via surface inspection. The performance of imaging system is constantly increasing, which is due to ever more cost-effective hardware components and increasingly efficient analysis techniques. At the same time, however, these systems become ever more complex, which makes it more difficult for companies to keep abreast with the latest developments and to assess the potentials of such systems.


For these reasons, the Interdisciplinary Imaging & Vision Institute Aachen (i3ac) is now hosting the “Imaging for Inustry” conference, scheduled to take place from October 24-25, 2012, at the Business & Events Lounge of the Aachen Tivoli stadium.

At the conference, experts from different disciplines concerned with image processing and computer vision will give an overview of the possibilities and the limits of imaging technologies. Participants will be provided with the background knowledge to be in a better position to develop and purchase imaging systems and to exploit potentials for optimization. In workshops, participants will also have the opportunity to discuss actual questions problems with i3ac experts. The event is targeted in particular at (potential) users of industrial imaging applications as well as professionals in the areas of quality management, manufacture, process optimization, and automation.

The host of the conference, i3ac, is a competence center for computer vision and imaging research, seeking to coordinate and enhance the collaboration of several Aachen and Jülich research groups in the field: i3ac is a coalition of eleven institutes from RWTH Aachen, the Aachen University of Applied Sciences, and Forschungszentrum Jülich. Since research in the area of imaging and vision is conducted in many disciplines with varying methods and approaches, the center aims to create a holistic network of the individuals and their activities in the various fields to optimize the exchange between them.

Together with partners from industry, i3ac provides solutions for interdisciplinary questions and problems in the fields of imaging and image processing, image representation, and image interpretation for applications in industrial, medical and scientific environments.

For further information and the conference program, please refer to the Imaging for Industry website (in German).


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