MATSE – A Good Start to a Career

© Martin Lux

IT companies are eager to employ them: the education of mathematical-technical software developers includes theoretical and practical training. In a graduation ceremony hosted by RWTH Aachen, FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences, and the Aachen Chamber of Commerce IHK, this year's 35 graduates received their final certificates.  


The MATSE vocational training program is a three-year program offering education and training in selected subjects from mathematics, computer science, and programming.

Due to its "dual education" character – our apprentices are also enrolled in the FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences program Scientific Programming –, the vocational program offers successful candidates job opportunities at the interface between application-oriented software development and research-oriented academia.

After completion of their MATSE education, many graduates take up a Master's program at RWTH, FH, or Maastricht University, which offers "Artificial Intelligence" and "Operations Research" Master's courses. Others decide to enter the regional IT market, work in companies or university institutes, developing the software of tomorrow.