Never Falls

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Nina and Nils met at a German school in Mexico City back in 2009 – and became a couple in Aachen in 2015. Nina Rieck and Nils Salazar both studied industrial engineering at RWTH Aachen University, specializing in civil engineering – and always had the idea of starting their own business one day. "In 2019, we went on vacation in Oaxaca, a very poor area in Mexico known for its handicrafts," Nina recalls. "On our last day, we were looking for a birthday gift for Nils' sister, who is a photographer." They had a local tailor convert a traditional belt into a camera strap – the perfect present! "She was absolutely thrilled," says Nils. "Nina and I then decided to combine our two worlds – our studies and our love of Mexico."

The two then collaborated with Mexican weavers to develop other products, such as a pair of suspenders, keychains, and guitar straps. "These are all things that shouldn't fall off," Nina explains the name of their startup Never Falls. Her first sales campaign fell – not coincidentally – in the holiday season and was aimed at friends and acquaintances. "We emptied out our shared apartment and turned it into a kind of pop-up store," says Nina. In June 2020, Nils and Nina finally registered their business, set up a website, and created an online store, through which people can buy products and also support the Mexican artists with a "tip" option. Nina and Nils are currently trying to expand the Never Falls portfolio with a crowdfunding campaign.