Two men looking into the camera Copyright: © FyFly Marlon Schröter and Georg Neumann

Do you also get annoyed by all the flyers that land in your mailbox and go straight into the paper recycling bin? This situation spurred Marlon Schröter, who studied computer science at RWTH, and georesources management student Georg Neumann, to program an online application that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate individualized online flyers. "Our FyFly project is designed to enable customers to find and discover products in their immediate vicinity," explains Marlon. "We're counteracting paper waste caused by paper flyers and also curbing transportation packaging waste." We all know that global paper production leaves a huge environmental footprint through its consumption of wood, energy, and water. "The paper industry is one of the largest energy consumers in the world. Germany especially has enormous potential to cut down its consumption," Georg knows. "Over 60 percent of our paper consumption is due to packaging and flyer advertising – we can counteract this with FyFly."

With FyFly, the two founders also want to strengthen local retail by letting retailers create profiles in the application that will allow users to quickly find what they need – from bicycle repair kits to household goods to sporting equipment. Unlike existing search engines like Google, FyFly is data compliant. "Our smart, data-ethical algorithms mean we don't use tracking cookies or anything else," Marlon explains. "Each user can decide whether they want the app to save search results so that the AI can successively create a "flyer" tailored to their individual needs and interests. You can also use FyFly without saving any of your data."

Marlon and Georg have been receiving an EXIST Business Start-up Grant to develop their idea since August and they are looking for some extra hands. If you are interested, you can apply as a “HiWi” (student assistant). "We are also looking for an additional individual to join our founding team and thus also benefit from the grant. They would ideally have a business administration background."