Student Task Force (SEK) Garbage

  Copyright: © SEK Müll

RWTH biotechnology student Kim Keilen was already regularly involved in trash collection campaigns in her hometown of Bitburg. She was therefore all the more delighted when she became aware of the student initiative Student Task Force (SEK) Garbage here in Aachen some time ago. "I've been involved for about four weeks now," says the 21-year-old, "and it's really fun to see that you're making a difference."

The Student Task Force was founded about four years ago by a group of students who were fed up with seeing piles of trash in every corner of Aachen. "Once a week, a team meets to set out from the Mensa Academica," Kim explains. Armed with bags and gloves, the students work their way through the green areas and corners of the central campus, collecting everything people throw away or lose: Packaging, bags, glass bottles, money and cigarette butts. "Sometimes we find more unusual things, such as a nail file, a pocket knife, a passport, a vacuum cleaner, car tires, ammonia and half a bicycle, in addition to various items of clothing." The city of Aachen takes care of the disposal of the collected garbage. "Personally, I'm most annoyed by the cigarette butts," Kim says. "When you pick those up, after a few days the ground is covered with them again. Or the little liquor bottles - can't people just throw them in the trash can after drinking the contents?"

If you are also irritated by all the garbage, come to the underpass at the Westbahnhof next Sunday, September 18, at 11am and participate in the garbage collection campaign to mark World Cleanup Day, which takes place one day before.