Moritz Jahme

  Man and two children at a lake Copyright: © private Moritz Jahme with his nephew and niece Finja.

RWTH materials science student Moritz Jahme found out the shocking news via Whatsapp: His little cousin Finja had to go to the hospital because of bad blood test results. The diagnosis: myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), a pre-stage of blood cancer. "I immediately dropped everything and drove to my family," the student recalls. "As Finja's parents were already in the hospital, I looked after her twelve-year-old brother there."

Since then, Finja has been in isolation because of her compromised immune system and has had to endure many blood transfusions and examinations. "By now, it has become clear that we must find a donor," says Moritz. "During an initial blood typing drive, around 100 new donors were found for the database of the German Bone Marrow Donor Center DKMS – however, none suitable for Finja."

Moritz, himself currently shortlisted for a donation for another blood cancer patient, is now appealing to his fellow students at RWTH: "Please register with the DKMS – maybe one of you is a suitable donor and can save Finja's life!"