The Aachen Student Orchestra

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"My parents were always meticulous about making sure I that went to music lessons," recalls Leander Weinelt, a master's student in chemistry at RWTH. "Even though I used to find it annoying, today I'm very happy that I stuck with it." Since 2019, the 22-year-old from Erkrath has been playing viola alongside his studies in the Aachen Student Orchestra (ASO), a 90-strong ensemble that has been performing concerts as a student initiative since 1989.

For Leander, who already played in an orchestra in his home country, it was apparent even before he began his studies that he wanted to continue playing music during his time in Aachen. With the ASO, in addition to the weekly rehearsals (Wednesdays followed by a visit to Pontstraße :-)), there are also a few rehearsal days together and an entire rehearsal weekend in a youth hostel on the schedule. "Making music together is very important for me to clear my head and to do something else that differs from the daily university routine," says Leander. "However, we don't rehearse during the exam period, so everyone still has enough time to study."

The ASO gives concerts at the end of the semester. The ensemble has something special in mind for the upcoming performances on February 1 and 4, 2024. "We will perform Gustav Mahler's 'Totenfeier' and 'Lied von der Erde' - both pieces that feature a demanding orchestration." The ASO is still looking for musicians for this - including bassoon, double bass and cello. So if you want to play in a classical orchestra, please contact the team.