Europa macht Schule

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The European idea has always been very important to me," says Hannah Besser, who is currently doing her aerospace master's degree at RWTH. "Back when I went to school, the topic was not talked about enough, in my opinion." That's why the 23-year-old, originally from Cologne, is involved in the "Europa macht Schule" (EMS) project alongside her studies. The declared goal is to convince young people of the importance of the European Union early on in their lives. "We organize intercultural projects in cooperation with regional schools that last three or more hours," Hannah explains. "Working with the kids and teens on these projects in the classroom are international students from RWTH."

One of them, for example, is David Viaji, who is studying Railway Systems Engineering at RWTH. "In the lower classes, we like to work with music," explains the Spaniard. "You'd be surprised how much you can learn about European countries through their Top 50 charts." Cooking, crafts, or dance events and quizzes are also popular. In the upper school classes, the teens get to hold panel discussions to discuss complex issues such as the refugee problem, analyze other countries' literature, and much more.

"Currently, we are about to start a new round, which means bringing participating RWTH students together with regional school coordinators," says Hannah. "We could still use some helping hands behind the scenes – but also people who want to work with the kids and teens."

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