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Terms of Use

In these photo galleries we offer interested press and media and affiliates of RWTH Aachen a varying selection of photos to download and use free of charge. These photos may only be used in combination with the copyright or source information (under the photo on the right) and with RWTH's approval. Commercial use of the pictures is strictly prohibited. If you are interested in additional photos, please contact the Division of Press and Public Relations at +49 241 80 94326 or -95803. The division can provide you with the photos below in a higher resolution.


Photos from aachen tourist service

The aachen tourist service e.v. has various motifs of the city (including the cathedral, city hall, and Elisenbrunnen),events (including CHIO, Christmas market), and touristic places in the surroundings (such as the three country point). Please pay attention to the individual terms of use.