Tests During the Application Period

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Are you wondering what to expect at the aptitude or placement test?  Here is initial information about them.  The good news is that you can prepare for the tests and should!  If you have additional questions, please contact us.  You can reach the Division of Vocational Training Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm.


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Aptitude and Placement Tests

For many vocations at RWTH Aachen, there is aptitude or placement test prerequisite, in order to make it further in the selection process. The aptitude test takes about 90 minutes and takes place at RWTH Aachen. Applicants will automatically receive a written invitation to the test. RWTH Aachen will provide a calculator for use during the exam. Personal calculators and other aids are not allowed. Individuals with disabilities can request possible individual appointments or special testing conditions. You can find more information about this under Staff Disability Liason.


Sample Tests in the Fields of Elektroncs, Computer Science, Mechanics and in Office Administration

We recommend preparing for the testing process with the respective sample tests. Have a user ID sent to your email address and then you can start the roughly 30 minute test in the field of your choise. The questions are similar to the test you will actually take.


Common Questions About Tests During the Application Period

Do I have to take a placement test?

That depends on which vocation you are aiming for. You will automatically receive an invitation for a text, if you have applied for one of the following vocations here:

  • Electronics Technicians for devices and systems, information and communication technical devices - you have to take an aptitude test.
  • IT Specialists with a specialization in System Integration - you have to take an aptitude test.
  • Industrial Mechanics with a Field of Application in Precision Tool-Making - you have to take a placement test.
  • Management Assistant for Office Management - you have to take an aptitude test.
  • Mathematic Technical Software Developer - you have to take an aptitude test.

If you are applying for one of the vocations listed here and have the necessary background schooling, you will be invited to take a test at some point during the application process.  This will either be an aptitutde or placement test. There are no general tests for any of the other vocations.

What is the difference between an aptitude and placement test?

The aptitude test checks to see if you are basically suited for this vocation. If you do not pass this test, your application process ends here.

The placement test serves as a decision aid for the instructors. Your achieved results here are the foundation for your placement in the company school course after you start your training.

I recently completed an internship in my desired career field. Can I replace the aptitude test with the internship?

No. Miscellaneous internships can unfortunately not be counted as proof of aptitude.

Can I prepare for the test?

JYes, in fact you should. Above on this page, you can find more information about each test as well as the sample tests. If a test is required during the application process, you can find either a link to sample tests or practice questions that can be downloaded, on the page for the respective vocation.

When are the tests and how do I find that out?

The tests take place at regular intervals during the application period.  After RWTH Aachen has received your application, you will automatically receive an invitation to the test if it is necessary for your vocation. The invitation will contain all the information you need to proceed.

When do I find out if I passed the test?

About two to three weeks after the test you will receive a letter containing your grade. Unfortunately we cannot inform you of your results over the phone.

When does the selection process for training spots begins?

After the respective tests have been evaluated.

What is the selection process like for vocations that do not require any tests?

Screening based on the application documents takes place in the remaining vocations. Whether a test or interview follows depends on the vocation and is determined on a case-by-case basis.