Individual Advising Services

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Are you interested in learing a trade at RWTH Aachen but are asking yourself if you have the necessary prerequisites? Do you teach at a school for continued training and would like to inform your students about various vocational training possibilities? Call us.



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Apprentice Allocation


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Girls' Day

We want to get more girls interested in vocational training in technology and handwork. With MiTH female school students in grades nine and ten can gain a practical look at the typically masculine careers, in order to possibly choose an occupation in this field later on.


We will gather together comprehensive information materials for you and schedule appointments that are specifically tailored to your needs: presentations, facility tours, or Q & A sessions with our trainers. Here is a brief overview of possible advising offers and topics.

General Vocation Advising

General vocation advision is a service for those who would like a comprehensive understanding of the different vocational training possibilities at RWTH Aachen.

  • What vocations are available at RWTH Aachen?
  • What general prerequistes do applicants need to fulfill for vocational training at RWTH Aachen?
  • What expectations do students have of vocational training at RWTH Aachen?
  • What needs to be included in an application for a training position?
  • What is the selection process like at RWTH Aachen?
  • How is the training at RWTH Aachen laid out and what are the general conditions (duration of training, compensation, job-ticket)?

Vocation Specific Advising

The is the perfect service if you already have an idea which vocation best suits you.

  • What is the job description of the desired vocation?
  • Do applicants need to have fulfilled certain prerequisities for this vocation?
  • What expectation do students have of the training for this vocation?
  • How is the trianing for this vocation laid out at RWTH Aachen (basic training and courses) and what is the collaboration with the Berufskolleg like?
  • What exams must apprentices take and what kind of degree do they receive at the end of their training?

Individual Group Advising

We offer tailored advising if you would like to be informed as a small group or with your class about vocational training possibilities at RWTH Aachen.

  • You can visit our Division of Vocational Training – we will lay out the vocational training possibilities at RWTH Aachen for you.
  • Our colleagues will come to your class or course and answer your questions about choosing a vocation and the application process. For example, if we visit your Advanced Math Course, then we could discuss the vocation for mathematic-technical software developers.
  • Along with a small group of fellow students, you can visit special training areas, such as a lab or workshop at RWTH Aachen.