Applying for a Vocational Training Spot

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Possibilities for Applying for a Vocational Training Spot at RWTH Aachen

There are three ways to submit your application to RWTH Aachen: online, in person, or per mail.

  • We explain the online application process step-by-step . You sumit your application through our Online Portal
  • You can also submit your application to us in person: RWTH Aachen, Division 8.4, Pontstraße 41, 52062 Aachen. Our office hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm
  • If you would like to mail your application, send it to:

    RWTH Aachen
    Abteilung 8.4
    52056 Aachen

Please note:

Applications can be sent loose without a folder!

For equal opportunity reasons, please do not include a photo with your application.

Our vocational training positions are open to all, regardless of gender.


It's possible that you will want to apply to variety of positions in different career fields. In this case, please submit one application per vocation. You can mail all of the applications together in one envelope to save on postage costs.


This Belongs in Your Application

  1. Cover letter
  2. Resumé
  3. Copy of your last two school certificates (Exception MATSE Applications: Copy of your certificate from the Allgemeine Hochschulreife or the certificates for the last three half school years)

The Right Time for Your Application

Selection of apprentices begins in August of the preceding year. At this time, all open positions are filled by rolling admission. You should apply as early as possible! The later we receive your application, the less open spots there are available.


Application Deadline

There is no application deadline for our apprenticeship positions. Your applications will be accepted until a preselection has been made or all positions have been filled.


Applications from People with Disabilities

Our University has been recognized with the "Prädikat behindertenfreundlich" for its efforts to train and employ people with disabilities. We particularly welcome applications from qualified persons with a disability. This also applies to people with an equivalent status whose degree of impairment is between 30 and 50 percent. Please refer to Sozialgesetzbuch Neun (§2 (3) SGB IX) to find out which individuals this includes. 

If you, as a person with a disability, have the right to reasonable accomodations for any disadvantages or particular conditions during the selection process (e.g. sign language interpreter, an individual test, longer test time), please provide us with the corresponding proof. Make arrangements for the alternative conditions before you take the test.  If you are interested in a posted position, please submit the proof (e.g. the Feststellungsbescheid eines Versorgungsamtes) to the RWTH Representative for Staff With Disabilities as early as possible.