CPL Terms of Registration and Participation

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Please Note

Your supervisor must approve your participation in the seminar or workshop.


Terms of Registration and Participation


Please refer to the seminar descriptions to information detailing for whom the seminar is intended.


Registration for the seminars and workshops is done online.

Please adhere to the registration deadlines – found in the respective seminar description –, so that we can process the registrations we receive in a timely fashion. It is generally not possible to register after the registration deadline. Should you register after the deadline however, we ask that you also send an email to the respective organizer – see seminar description.

Registration Confirmation

After registering online you will receive an automatic confirmation via email.

If you have registered for a seminar or workshop with a registration deadline, you will receive an email after the deadline stating whether or not you have a spot for the event.

Waiting List

If the seminar or workshop you wish to attend is fully booked, you can sign up for the waiting list. You will receive an email as soon as a spot becomes available. In this case, please book the event as soon as possible.

Cancelling Your Registration

If you cannot participate in an event for which you are registered, please contact us as soon as possible either online or via email, so that we can give your spot to someone on the waiting list.

We reserve the right to temporarily prohibit participants from future events if they are absent from a seminar without cancelling their registration or frequently book seminars and cancel at the last minute.


The events are free for RWTH Aachen doctoral candidates and staff and for professors if the seminar description states the university institution has contributed to the costs. Participants are responsible for any possible additional costs, for example for overnight accommodations and food – see the respective seminar description.

Participants from external institutions such as affiliated institutes, University Hospital Aachen, Forschungszentrum Jülich, RWTH International Academy gGmbH, Campus GmbH, non-university research institutions – for example Fraunhofer – must pay a participation fee based on the cost of the event. Please inquire about the cost of the event if this applies to you.

There are a few exceptions based on special contractual arrangements Division 12.1 – Early-Career Researcher Development and Talent Management has made for the Doctoral Academy, Center for Doctoral Studies, CDS for short, and Center for Professional Leadership, CPL for short, with University Hospital Aachen and Forschungszentrum Jülich. Employees from external institutions, who are participating in internal continuing education events that fall within the framework of this arrangement, are not required to pay a fee.

Certificate of Participation

Participants in all seminars and workshops will receive a certificate of participation upon completion. You will receive the certificate either directly at the end of the seminar or in the mail.

In order to receive a certificate of participation, you are required to participate in at least 75 percent of the seminar.

If you attend a seminar or workshop hosted by Division 8.4 – Vocational & Further Training, a copy of your certificate of participation will be added to your personnel file.


At the end of every event you will be asked to evaluate your experience in a questionnaire. Please fill it out and give it directly to the head of the seminar. In doing so, you help us improve the quality of our seminars and workshops. Alternatively, you can also email or mail the questionnaire to the event organizer.


If you need childcare during your event, we are happy to help you in collaboration with the Equal Opportunity Office’s Family Service Center.