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Interdisciplinary Skills Development at the Center for Professional Leadership

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Middle managers at RWTH are senior engineers, research group managers, heads of division in science, technology and administration, and staff unit managers. The Center for Professional Leadership (CPL) provides a range of offerings that help you develop your leadership, management, and communication skills. We pay particular emphasis on topics such as conversations with employees, self-management, and communication and organization in virtual and hybrid work situations.

As a middle management executive, you will have both strategic and operational leadership responsibilities. In addition to your technical expertise, you need skills in change management; in addition to working on a large number of tasks of varying complexity, you serve as a link between top-level management and the employees in your team. Thus, your area of responsibility between strategy, communication, networking and organization is wide-ranging and challenging. With our diverse offerings we provide you with orientation and support to expand your leadership skills and promote dialogue and exchange.


Continuing Education

We offer an extensive and diverse range of seminar and workshop program. This gives you the opportunity to expand your competencies in your role as a middle manager in a targeted manner.

CPL Workshop Program



Further Training for Managers

  • Doctoral candidates in leadership roles complete the workshop Leading Teams and Working Groups at RWTH in their first year of responsibility.
  • Postdocs participate in the “Leadership at RWTH” workshop during their first two years of leadership responsibility.
  • Mid-level academic managers with permanent employment contracts obtain the Leadership Certificate; while (tenure-track) professors complete the Leadership Certificate for Professors.
  • The Welcome Workshop provides newly appointed professors learn important information about leadership principles at RWTH. In addition, they complete the Professional Communication workshop offered by the Center for Professional Leadership.

Of course, these offerings are not only open to newly appointed managers and executives, but can also be attended by experienced executives per request.



We are available to advise you on all matters relating to your leadership responsibilities. Whether you would like to discuss topics related to your leadership role or need support in the context of change processes or team development, we are happy to plan the next steps with you.



Networking and the exchange with peers are particularly important to support you on your individual leadership journey. For this reason, the Center for Professional Leadership offers various networking events:

  • Workshop for heads of departments and staff units of the Central University Administration
    Twice a year, division and staff unit heads meet to learn about current university development issues and talk with the chancellor and the permanent deputy chancellor. There is also space for them to get to know each other better, network across departments, and exchange ideas.
  • “Spot on Leadership”:
    Have you ever talked about leadership responsibilities at lunch? At this luncheon, we spotlight leadership topics and illuminate how they affect our day-to-day work. We will also have exciting keynote speakers bringing fresh ideas to our university that broaden our view and inspire us to keep improving the way we lead.
  • Peer Group Coaching:
    In group coaching sessions with other leaders, participants can discuss and share their ideas on current leadership topics and other specific concerns. In addition, professional input from external trainers will sharpen the participants’ focus regarding leadership tools and methods.
    Find current session dates here.

Good to Know

Leadership at RWTH

Information on our leadership principles and a guideline for managers and executives at RWTH is available at: Leadership at RWTH

Personnel Matters at RWTH

Department 8.0 is your central point of contact for all questions concerning human resources, such as job advertisements, hiring, extension of employment, and conditions of employment at RWTH Aachen University. On the RWTH Intranet, you can find further information (in German) on various aspects of legal and administrative staff management and existing service agreements at RWTH. 

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Golden Rules for Family-Friendly Management

Inclusion Action Plan


Further important information for Managers in Middle Management

Inclusion at RWTH

If you have any questions regarding the inclusion of employees with health impairments in accordance with the legal mandate, please get in touch with the Representative Council for Staff with Disabilities at RWTH Aachen. The Human Resources Department and the Inclusion Officer may assist in answering your questions.

Confidential Advising on Workplace Conflicts

Health Management – Improving Your Health and Wellbeing

The Health Management at RWTH is actively engaged in promoting your health with a comprehensive range of services.

Equal Opportunities and Family-Friendly University

With its wide range of advising and support programs, the Equal Opportunities Office and the IGaD staff unit assists RWTH members with achieving balance in their work, family, and personal lives