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Dagmar Grübler

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Leadership at RWTH seeks to inspire our staff, to empower them to initiate new developments and create optimal framework conditions in order to facilitate outstanding performance in research, teaching, research management, and administration. As a leader, you are required to take on multi-layered roles and master complex challenges in a dynamic working world. To succeed, you need technical expertise as well as the ability to manage HR and organizational development processes in an agile manner, aligning your actions with sustainability and health-oriented goals. Contemporary leadership, communication, and management skills are therefore indispensable success factors for your work.

As a central point of contact for leaders and managers at the University, the Center for Professional Leadership (CPL) seeks to support you in developing these competencies in the long term. We also encourage an open, inspiring dialogue within your peer group and work with you on individual issues. With our portfolio of workshops, one-on-one coaching, as well as networking and brainstorming events, we are sure to offer you all the support you need.


Leadership – Middle Management

Interdisciplinary Skills Development at the Center for Professional Leadership

As a middle manager in research, administration and technology at RWTH, the CPL’s offerings will support you in developing your leadership, management, and communication skills. Whether you are a head of division at a University institute, at one of the faculties, or in administration, a staff unit manager or a manager at a central facility, lab, or workshop – with our diverse offers we provide you with orientation and support to expand your leadership skills and promote dialogue and exchange.



Interdisciplinary Professionalization at the Center for Professional Leadership

As professors at RWTH, you manage diverse and complex tasks in research and teaching, knowledge transfer, staff management, and strategic organizational development. We at the CPL support you in fulfilling your demanding leadership and management responsibilities. Through our consulting, coaching and workshop offerings, we provide you with opportunities for individual skills development and peer networking.


Good to Know

Holistic Leadership

Within the scope given by the University’s goals, values, and leadership guidelines, University managers are encouraged to further develop their skills and capabilities, develop their own strategies on how to best manage their responsibilities, and actively define their role as a leader. Leadership at RWTH can be seen as an interplay between leadership responsibilities in management and human resources and the requirements posed by organizational goals, values, and strategies. The success of our managers and executives is measured based on the impact of their actions.

Further information: Leadership at RWTH: Guidelines for Staff With Leadership Roles

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Further Information and Offers

Get Ready for the Future World of Work

When it comes to the acquisition of key competencies, the Center for Staff Development is the central point of contact for research, administrative, and technical staff at RWTH. Available free of charge for all employees at RWTH, our comprehensive offerings support you in preparing for your professional future.

Personnel Matters at RWTH

Department 8.0 is your central point of contact for all questions concerning human resources, such as job advertisements, hiring, extension of employment, and conditions of employment at RWTH Aachen University. On the RWTH Intranet, you can find further information (in German) on various aspects of legal and administrative staff management and existing service agreements at RWTH. 

Representative Council for Staff with Disabilities

The Representative Council for Staff with Disabilities provides assistance and advice for the recruitment of disabled persons or those with equivalent status, among other responsibilities.

Equal Opportunities and Family-Friendly University

With its wide range of advising and support programs, the Equal Opportunities Office and the IGaD staff unit assists RWTH members with achieving balance in their work, family, and personal lives

See also: Golden Rules for Family-Friendly Management