Mental Health


Offers From RWTH

Relax with university sports

You can also find special courses to help you relax on the University Sports website under the sports offer search. Enter the keyword "relaxation" you will find an overview of the courses offered in this area. They range from various forms of yoga, autogenic training, mindfulness training, meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, to QiGong.

"Learning to Learn" - YouTube Film Series by the Student Advice Centre

"Learning to learn" is a film series by the Student Advice Centre at RWTH. It clearly explains important tips and tricks on planning everyday student life and advises you on the pitfalls to avoid. Take a look at the films!

Also Helpful: Study Trainings and Advising by the Student Advice Centre

The Student Advice Centre, ZSB for short, also offers trainings for students on topics such as time management, conflict management, dealing with exam fears, and so on. At the ZSB you can also take advantage of advisory services for all aspects of studying and discuss your worries and needs.

Advice Centers at RWTH

Self-Help Groups at RWTH

You can find self-help groups on the following topics on AStA's website:

  • Students with ASD
  • Depression and anxiety

"Schlaflos in Aachen" by Hochschulradio Aachen – a Radio Program for Emotional Topics

In this program, students can get their worries off their chest anonymously. The program is broadcast every second Sunday and can be heard on the frequency 99.1 MHz or streamed on the Hochschulradio website. The survey topics are announced on the Facebook page or Instragram (@hochschulradio_aachen) in advance and questions can anonymously be asked there and then answered in the broadcast.



Advising Offers Outside RWTH

Offers in the Current Crisis

  • Uniklinik RWTH Aachen
    In urgent cases, a psychiatrist at Uniklinik RWTH Aachen can be contacted via the hospital's telephone exchange (+49 241 80 0). They will support you in finding suitable care, whether as an in- or out-patient.
  • Alexianer Krankenhaus Aachen
    Alexianergraben 33
    52062 Aachen
  • Telephone Ministry in Germany


Available Online: Apps, Courses, Audio Clips, Helpful Links

Relaxation (Audio Clip)

Instructions for relaxation (Jacobsen's relaxation technique, breath relaxation with guided fantasy journeys, mindfulness, and others) can be downloaded in MP3 format on the following website:

Many health insurance companies offer assistance to prevent depression, but also to help those who are already affected by depression. Ask your health insurance company which services they offer and cover.

Further Online Therapy Courses

There are online therapy courses that offer help for depression, anxiety disorders, and burnout. The courses are guided by psychologists who are contacted by phone or via a chat tool. Please note that the courses are subject to a fee. However, many health insurance companies reimburse a certain proportion of the costs. You can find more information about the costs and the course of the consultation or therapy on the German website Selfapy - Soforthilfe bei psychischen Belastungen.

Together, not Alone: Aktionsbündnis Psychische Gesundheit

You will find tips, appointments, films, and interesting links on mental health issues on the Aktionsbündnis Seelische Gesundheit website.

Campaign Website: "Dein Kopf voller Fragen"

The "Dein Kopf voller Fragen", or "Head Full of Questions" platform aims to sensitize young people in particular to look after their mental health. The website provides comprehensible information about mental illness, its signs, and possibilities for prevention realistically bases on testimonial reports.

Offers From the Deutsche Depressionshilfe

  • Am I suffering from depression? An online self-test
    Detecting depression is not always easy. This online depression self-test can provide initial indications of emerging depressive behavior. Of course, the test is not a medical diagnosis. You can find the self-test as well as further information on the topic on the homepage of the Deutsche Depressionshilfe.
  • Free depression helpline
    The Deutsche Depressionshilfe offers a free helpline for information on the subject of depression throughout Germany. It is a first point of contact for sufferers or their relatives and arranges further contact points for therapy. The callers also receive information about the illness and possible forms of treatment.

YouTube Video on Depression

The informative video by YouTuber Mirko (MrWissen2go) explains the background of depression in just under eleven minutes and makes viewers award of the condition. He manages to present depression as a mental illness and describes how depression can arise, how people with depression feel, and how people can deal with it. It is one of the most-watched YouTube videos in German on this topic.