Representative for the Concerns of Student Assistants

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When starting university, students typically experience a greater degree of autonomy, but they are also faced with new financial burdens – most students have to cover tuition fees, accommodation, transport, and study materials, among other things. Thus many students are working part-time to finance their studies. An attractive option is to work as a student assistant.



Kai Wallbaum and Haydar Genc


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  • Times of leave
  • Illness
  • Working times and hours
  • Working with chronic illness or disability
  • Income limits

For many students, their activity as a student assistant is the first contact with the world of work, and they are not as yet fully aware of their rights and duties as employees.

For this reason, in 2014, the position of representative for the concerns of student assistants was created at North Rhine-Westphalian universities. The representative is a point of contact for all student assistants and provides advice on their rights and duties.

Advisory Services

Do you want to know how many hours you are allowed to work alongside your studies? Do you have questions surrounding your activities as a student assistant? Or do you experience problems with your supervisor?

If so, you should get in touch with the representatives for the concerns of student assistants. We have regular open office hours but also offer to meet students by arrangement at other times.