Capacity and Occupancy Rate Concerns



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Responsibilities in the this area include application for admissions restrictions, that is numerus clausus, for courses of study filled to capacity. These applications are made to the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Research, MIWF for short, of North Rhine Westphalia and are made in agreement with the faculties.

Additionally, the acceptance capacities, that is the number of available study placements, for all courses of study are calculated. The calculation takes into consideration all legally applicable regulations, MIWF standards, and the constant jurisdiction and is coordinated with the MIWF. The formal basis for implementing the admissions process for NC courses of study is created through the capacity calculation. The Registrar's Office implements the admissions process and answers questions regarding the process.

The occupancy rate for all subjects at the university is conducted annually every winter semester. The utilization capacity is calculated based on personnel resources and enrolled students.