Staff Unit: Sustainability and University Governance


The Sustainability and University Governance staff unit supports the Rector's Office with preparations for decisions and with the implementation of strategic goals. The Office of the Board of Governors is managed by the staff unit.



Katharina Jochim

Head of the Staff Unit


+49 241 80 90939




The Sustainability and University Governance staff unit is responsible for coordinating all activities concerning the overarching topic of sustainability at the University in all its dimensions – ecological, economic, and social. This task includes, in particular, the development of RWTH's sustainability strategy, its operationalization in a roadmap, and the associated monitoring and management accounting activities.

The staff unit’s task is to drive and guide RWTH’s development toward a more sustainable future. To this end, measures and activities are initiated and coordinated to make the areas of teaching, research, operations, and social affairs more sustainable. By creating and organizing formats that encourage participatory engagement and discussion, the staff unit ensures that all university members are involved and have the chance to help shape the process.

In its function as primary contact and liaison, the department is responsible for internal communication on the topic of sustainability and regularly publishing the University’s sustainability report.


University Governance

In particular, the staff unit team supports the Chancellor and the Deputy Chancellor in day-to-day responsibilities and in coordinating matters pertaining to the Faculties and the Central University Administration.

The staff unit is responsible, among other activities, for planning, implementing, and coordinating, at the administrative level, the decisions agreed in the meetings of the Planning and Allocation Committee and of the Senate’s Committee for Structural, Financial, and Construction Matters.

The Rector's Delegates are appointed after close consultation with the Rector's Office. The Rector's Office commissions RWTH professors as delegates for representative functions in specific areas or regions as well as individual tasks that are strategically important for the University.


Office of the Board of Governors

The Office of the Board of Governors supports the Board of Governors in all matters within the Board's responsibility. In particular, the Office assists the Board of Governors in planning and conducting Board meetings and prepares decision to be taken by the Board and their implementation at the University.



Name Contact
Katharina Jochim M.A. LL.M.Phone: +49 241 80 90939

Vorzimmer Kanzlervertreter
Luisa Königs
Phone: +49 241 80 90112

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Kontakt Nachhaltigkeit
Hannah Georg M.Sc.Phone: +49 241 80 99213

Kay Oebels M.Sc.Phone: +49 241 80 96748

Studentische Hilfskraft
Theresa Janning B.Sc.

Studentische Hilfskraft
Lena Pietrula

Annalena Tomazin
Geschäftsstelle Hochschulrat
Referentin Hochschulrat
Dipl.-Kff. Eva Salentin
Phone: +49 241 80 93939

Dipl.-Ing. Carla SplinterPhone: +49 241 80 99318