A cyclist in front of the SuperC Copyright: © RWTH Aachen

Cycling is energy efficient, environmentally friendly, promotes good health, and eases traffic congestion. Additionally, it is more affordable than using motorized transportation. A bike is a particularly suitable form of transportation for distances up to five kilometers, not to mention often the quickest in city traffic.


The cycling infrastructure around the University has improved in recent years with the help of numerous measures. Bike lanes, right of way for bikes at traffic lights, and an increase in traffic safety at junctions are just a few of these measures.

Traffic Safety and Route Planning

  • A roadworthy bike is indispensable in road traffic. Which route you take greatly influences your safety while cycling. The quickest path is not always the safest and most comfortable route. Cycling is more relaxed on side streets, on bike paths, or in zones where the speed limit is 30 kilometers per hour.
  • Bike path planners help you to select a suitable cycling route to the University:
    Bike mode on Google Maps
    Radroutenplaner NRW

Bike/E-Bike/Pedelec Rental Systems

There are various vendors in Aachen that offer bikes and e-bikes for rent at various locations. An extensive Pedelec rental system with 1,000 pedelecs will be built in the coming years.

The electrical pedal-assist technology makes it possible to cycle quickly despite the demanding topography. The high number of bike stations planned ensures flexibility.

Numerous stations will be distributed around the University and will be available to both students and employees.


Company Bikes and E-Bikes

There are currently no plans to provide RWTH employees with company bicycles – whether e-bikes or conventional bikes – for private purposes.

Bike leasing on a salary sacrifice basis is unfortunately not possible at present, as there is no corresponding collective agreement in place. The public service unions consider the salary sacrifice scheme to be disadvantageous for employees. We cannot predict whether there will be a change of policies in this respect in the future.