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Haus Königshügel

Haus Königshügel and Its History

Currently used as an RWTH guesthouse, Haus Königshügel was originally built in 1913 and 1914 as a villa for Aachen manufacturers Leo and Elisa Lammertz. A foundation stone on the outside wall of the terrace dated September 27, 1913, commemorates the site's groundbreaking, planned by architect Carl Sieben.

At the time, the entire piece of land between Maastrichter Straße and Melatener Straße belonged to the villa. In 1953, the State of North Rhine-Westphalia acquired possession of the property. A part of the property, used as a park until then, was developed with an institute building and has since been used by the Institute for High Voltage Technology and the Institute for Communications Engineering. Haus Königshügel itself was first occupied by the Institute for Aeronautical and Space Engineering.

Renovation in 2005

Since renovation work in 2005, the upper floor of Haus Königshügel has been available to RWTH guests as single and double rooms. Furthermore, the building is used for university institute events, such as exhibits, workshops, meetings, and receptions of the Rectorate.

Diverse Uses

The rooms can also be used for hosting University institution events, such as exhibits, conferences, and contract signings. The Fireplace Room and the Parquet Room are always rented together due to structural conditions. The rooms are suitable for up to 80 people standing, with a parliamentary seating arrangement the rooms can accommodate around 50, or, with a conference form with tables, a maximum of 25. The Club Room on the first floor offers space for around 14 guests at fixed tables.



Through the efforts of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the Volkswagen Foundation provided the means for the renovation as a guesthouse and for the new construction of an apartment building, together with a donation from the Krupp Corporation in 1967-1968. This facilitated the current site, constructed according to design plans by architects Professor Steinbach and Kohl. One of the daycare centers run by Studierendenwerk (Student Services) in a former summer house was also included.

  • Europagästehaus has over 19 single apartments (26 m2),
  • six double apartments (42 m2), and an accessible apartment

RWTH offers various accommodation options in the guesthouses in the immediate vicinity of the University campus with Haus Königshügel and Europagästehaus.

The hotel rooms and apartments are exclusively intended for invited guests of RWTH Aachen University.

Villa Königshügel offers accommodation for short stays, with the rooms equipped with everything necessary for your stay in the style of a hotel without any self-catering facilities.

Europahaus offers accommodation for stays from one month up to one year. The apartments are equipped with a kitchenette and with everything you need for a longer stay.



  • Train connections out of Cologne, Dusseldorf, the Netherlands, and Belgium to Aachen Main Station or Aachen West Station
  • From Aachen Main Station with bus Number 11 to Alter Posthof, further with Lines 12, 22, or 75 to Melatener Straße

  • From Aachen Main Station with Line 3A to Westbahnhof (West Station)
  • From Aachen West, the guesthouses are a five-to-ten-minute walk


Hotel Area Room per night
Single room at Haus Königshügel/ Europagästehaus 42.00 euros
Double room at Haus Königshügel/Europagästehaus 55.00 euros
Breakfast 6,00 euros

Apartment Area Month
Double apartment at Europagästehaus 1) 650.00 euros
Single apartment at Europagästehaus 405.00 euros
Deposit 2) 400.00 euros
Event Rooms 3)
Fireplace/parquet room 100.00 euros per hour or 700.00 euros per day
Club Room 40.00 euros per hour or 280.00 euros per day


Address & Approach Sketch

Melatener Straße 31 to 35 52074 Aachen


1) The accessible apartment in Europagästehaus is charged as a single apartment.

2) A deposit of 400 euros is required for room use, which is offset against the cost of a final cleaning and possible compensation.

3) Use of the event room is permitted Mondays to Fridays until 8pm at the latest.