RWTH UROP Sustainability

  Sustainable Development Goals Copyright: © Engagement Global

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program offers students the chance to actively conduct their own research projects as part of a research team at institutes and chairs of RWTH Aachen University early in their studies. A special focus in this program is on the topic of sustainability, in the context of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs, of the United Nations.

The program "RWTH UROP", which was newly revised in 2021, will help to make research projects in the field of sustainability and in the context of the 17 SDGs of the United Nations more visible and enable students as well as supervisors to find a common forum for them. Sustainability projects are identified via the database using a new filter. This gives students the opportunity to engage with the topic during their bachelor's studies and to make their own initial research contribution to the topic of sustainability in its ecological, social and economic dimensions.

Furthermore, starting in 2022, we plan to present the project results at a sustainability symposium that will take place once a year and to give all involved stakeholders the opportunity to network with each other.


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