2021 Sustainability Report

Cover of the 2021 Sustainability Report

As a technical university, a place of knowledge, a living laboratory for social innovations, and an organization, RWTH bears a special responsibility for sustainable developments. Our first sustainability report, exclusively available in a digital format, shows where the university is already fulfilling this responsibility and where there is some room for improvement.

The report features six different sections, each one explaining how sustainability is embedded in the University's underlying strategies, its responsibilities, developments to date, and selected current projects. In addition, members of the Rectorate, the Rector’s delegates for sustainability, representatives of AStA, and the mayor of Aachen shed light on incredibly diverse aspects of sustainable contacts in equally varied areas of the University and beyond RWTH’s borders too.

In addition, the report summarizes key figures in RWTH’s various spheres of action and outlines the current situation concerning sustainability activities.

It transparently presents how, for example, energy consumption and the number of business trips have developed in recent years. This is the first time that the data has been collected altogether, rather than in the individual organizational units.

At the same time, the report is intended to shine a light on RWTH's activities in sustainable development and to serve as a starting point for monitoring the University's sustainability performance.

As a central instrument, sustainability reporting enables the strategic and participatory development of a sustainability strategy and ensures transparency in this process. Starting from the status quo, the goal is to develop and align RWTH more sustainably in ecological, economic, and social terms.

You can find the digital sustainability report here.