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Rehabilitation, for example after a stroke, is monotonous, time consuming, and expensive. 80 percent of all treatments are ended prematurely. Cynteract has developed a glove that captures and assists finger movement. Connected to a VR headset the patient heals their injuries with motivational games in the virtual world.

The therapist can control their patient's progress and determine new exercises. The glove allows patients to complete their exercises either at home or out and about. This means patients complete exercises more often and rehabilitation is more effective and efficient. Our technology is unique due to the following characteristics: the glove is portable, affordable, and gives the patient direct feedback.

Our team has already been an exhibitor at the largest international trade fairs in its field, include Gamescom in Cologne, Rehacare in Düsseldorf, and Medica in Düsseldord. It has also appeared at various international conferences, which include but are not limited to Investmentdialog in Frankfurt, Querdenkerkongress in Munich, and Gesundheitsnetzwerkerkongress in Berlin.

The positive feedback from key opinion leaders, patients, and therapists for having developed a device with widespread use led to the foundation of the Cynteract UG at the end of last year. After an accelerator program at the Brightlands Innovation Factory, Cynteract is beginning clinical studies in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium.


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