DroidDrive GmbH


Ducktrain takes inner-city transportation logistics to a new level of efficiency. Imagine inner cities where the streets are not blocked by parked vans but can be used for what they were intended for: driving.

A Ducktrain is a group that is formed by any particular command object (leading vehicle or person) and one or more electrically powered light vehicles - called ducks - which automatically follow the command object. Each duck is equipped with sensors and the Ducktrain-follow-me software, which recognizes the object and virtually couples it to the duck. This creates a train of light vehicles without a physical connection between the train parts. Ducktrain is electric, automated, flexible, extremely easily to maneuver, and perfectly fits into urban spaces.

The founding team comes from Professor Kampker's Chair of Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components, where the idea for Ducktrain was born in joint industry and research projects. Ducktrain mainstains strong ties with RWTH, especially with Professor Kampker, who continues to advise the company on different matters.

If automated electric vehicles can be virtually coupled with pedestrians, cyclists, or cargo bikes in a straightforward way and also interact with people, for example via smart devices or gestures, large transport vehicles will no longer be needed in cities.