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aiXbrain combines methods of artificial intelligence (AI) and digital process analysis to improve the planning and control of complex production systems in a data-driven way. The aiXbrain AI software automatically generates targeted forecasts and suggestions for optimized real-time operation of digital factories and plants. This reduces stocks, rejects, and throughput times, while increasing responsiveness and variant flexibility. The use of the software as well as its operation as AI-as-a-service is revolutionary in the manufacturing industry and one of the big innovations in Industry 4.0.

Typical areas of application for aiXbrain AI software are availability forecasts, quality forecasts, and cause analysis as well as bottleneck control and material flow planning.. Customers integrate aiXbrain AI as digital intelligence components into their existing IT landscape and benefit from flexible and scalable rollout models. Founded in June 2019, aiXbrain serves customers from the manufacturing industry (automotive, textiles, foils, measurement technology) and the transportation sector (rail traffic).