Campus Safety in Simple English


RWTH is a university.

A university is a place where people study.

When you study, you learn about something.

The university grounds are called the campus.

Sometimes, bad things happen on the campus.

Such as an accident or a crime.

Accident is a big word that means:

Somebody gets hurt

And needs help.

Crime is a big word that means:

When people hurt or cheat other people.

It might happen to you:

  • You might see an accident.
  • You might see violence.
  • You might experience violence.
  • Like someone insulting or threatening someone else.
  • Like someone punching or kicking someone else.
  • Like someone touching another person
  • even though the other person does not want them to.

If you see an accident

Or a crime

Then call the number 110 on your telephone.

Then you can talk to the police

And tell them what has happened.

You can also call campus security

If you see something bad happening.

Such as a fire

Or if a person is hurt.

Campus security keeps people safe on the campus

And helps people who are in trouble.

Call 00 49 - 241 80 94 25 0 on your telephone to call campus security

And tell them what has happened.