Väterbeauftragter - Delegate for Fathers



+49 241 80 24354




Please contact the Family Services' advising team in complex or acute cases.


Since summer semester 2015, there has been a volunteer delegate for fathers at RWTH Aachen. Thomas Queck, head of IT at the Central Facility for Electron Microscopy, took parental leave after his daughter was born in 2012 and worked part-time for a while. He is happy to tell interested men and fathers at RWTH about his experiences and provide helpful tips. If you would like to speak with the delegate for fathers, Mr. Queck, you can contact him via and arrange an appointment. He looks forward to your questions, exchanging information, and interesting conversations.

Did you also take parental leave or work part-time in order to care for your children? If you would like to share your experiences with other fathers, please contact the Equal Opportunities Office.


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