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Establishing New Childcare Options

Embracing the family-friendly culture of equal opportunities and a good work-life balance, we are developing customized childcare concepts to enable University members to balance their family responsibilities with their work or studies in the long term.

RWTH is particularly committed to further expanding its childcare provision for staff. One of these initiatives is the new construction project "Kita Campus Melaten", which will see at least 120 daycare spots created close to workspaces on Campus Boulevard in a modern and sustainable daycare center from the 2025/26 daycare year.


Please Note

You can use the Family Services Center's babysitting network in the event of childcare shortages!


Support in finding childcare

In order to be able to quickly return to job or studies after the birth of a child, adequate childcare is imperative. Since the supply of available places, particularly for children younger than three years old, does not meet the demand, you should begin your search for a childcare spot early on and also take into consideration day care centers, called Kitas, as well as in-home daycare providers.

The city of Aachen has an extensive offering in place for families. On the city's website (de) you can find information about all the different options for childcare.

Please bear in mind that it is always the city or community where the child has its main residence that is responsible for the provision of publically funded childcare. Private or private commercial facilities can admit children regardless of their place of residence.

RWTH Aachen offers childcare options nearby the university for all students and staff.

Further Offers: