Dr. XU Ben

  Copyright: © B. Seffert

Assistant Professor Tsinghua University School of Materials Science and Engineering


Junior-Professor HU Ming, Institute of Mineral Engineering (GHI)

Research Stay:

Three weeks in July 2015

Research Field:

One of the several research topics both scientists worked on during Dr. Xu´s stay in Aachen was the dislocation´s influence on thermal conductivity in solid state physics, which is of significant importance in nowadays thermo-electric materials. Calculations carried out at Tsinghua University are now transferred to RWTH Aachen University for more processing and analysis with the aim of jointly publishing the results.

It was a very pleasant visit and brought a lot of new ideas in our research. It is promising to have some joint papers published in the near future. My accommodation was close to the laboratory and walking to the laboratory through the Westpark was one of the most beautiful moments during the day. I would like to express my thanks to the support of the Strategic Partnership program.

Dr. XU Ben