Liaison Office for Overseas Activities


As a internationally oriented university, RWTH Aachen has numerous international partners and contacts to offer. In the efforts to further internationalize the university and proactively expand the RWTH network worldwide, RWTH Aachen's liaison offices in important countries of focus and overseas activities, that is the export of studies or the creation of universities in other countries, all play an important role.

Liaison Offices

The liaison offices maintain and develop cooperations with partners on location, serve as the first contact for prospective students regarding question about application and admissions, supervise the alumni networks in the regions, and support RWTH Aachen students and researchers during stays in the respective locations. RWTH currently maintains liaison offices in Beijing, China, and in New Delhi, India.

Export of Studies/Outsourcing

A long-standing export of studies in Thailand has existed with the Thai German Graduate School. RWTH has also built its own university in Oman, the German University of Technology in Oman, GUtech for short, using itself as a model.