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Support with Building and Expanding International Partnerships

The International Office coordinates the collaboration of RWTH Aachen and its faculties with universities abroad, supports the initiation of partnerships and cooperation and provides organizational support. The guidelines available for download on this web page provide you with a first overview and guidance.

Erasmus+ guidelines for subject-specific coordinators within faculties, research groups, and institutes

The International Office coordinates all of the Erasmus+ based student mobility, and it has therefore designated one person to act as Institutional Erasmus+ Coordinator.

Since Erasmus+ partnerships are, however, always subject-specific and based on subject-specific, bilateral agreements, at least one other person from the respective faculty or research group is needed to attend to the Erasmus+ partnerships as well.

The subject-specific Erasmus+ Coordinator is also known as Departmental Coordinator and as such, she or he is tasked with tending to anything related to Erasmus+ program student mobility.

In order to make this task easier for you, we have put together a set of guidelines, albeit in German, which should answer the – from our point of view – most important questions you may now have. Have a look in the yellow box on the right under "Erasmus+ Leitfaden" if you are interested.

Staff Mobility

Apart from student exchange, the University offers exchange opportunities for lecturers and administrative staff. For further information, please refer to our Staff Mobility and Teaching Staff Mobility web pages.

Grades Conversion

Our recommendations for the conversion of grades attained for exams completed abroad can be found at the Recalculation of Grades web page.


The MATCH initiative provides more transparency and efficiency in the credit mobility recognition process at RWTH Aachen University. MATCH stands for "Mobility Promotion through Preemptive Recognition Checks: Transparency in Curricula of International Partner Universities" and it is a service and consulting offer of the International Office for the introduction of a preemptive recognition check. See our website MATCH Initiative for further information.

International Researchers

RWTH Aachen University is a vibrant place where excellent research is being conducted. At the University's institutes, a large number of international doctoral students, postdocs and researchers are active in teaching and research. For information on formal issues concerning international researchers, such as the registration form for internationals, please refer to our Welcome Center web pages.


Round Table International

The round table "International" was initiated in 2012 by the International Office and approved by the Vice-Rector for Teaching. It seeks to bring together all actors concerned with international mobility, including the International Office, the faculties, the departments, the divisions of the central university administration, representatives of the student body, and other relvant groups. The aim of the round table is to discuss and coordinate change processes and developments and share information on best practices.

We kindly invite the mobility coordinators from the faculties and departments, student representatives from the Senate and the AstA Student Council, representatives from the Offices of the Deans of Academic Affairs, and the Vice-Rector for Teaching to participate.

If you have any questions, please contact Miss Jasmin Haverkamp.

News from the International Office

All important news, trade fair participations and their dates as well as further information can be found on our news page.



Sara Wigger

Head of Division


+49 241 80 90612



Letter of Endorsement for Applications to DAAD

The International Office is happy to assist you in obtaining the rector’s signature for funding applications to the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), for funding applications in the context of the Erasmus+ program, as well as for funding applications to the EU that are focused on teaching and studies.

For us to be able to assist you with your funding application, please provide us with documents that describe the project you are submitting, including budget information as well as the names of all involved partners, specifically the name of the consortium manager. Please also send us the completed funding application as well as the completed form sheet required for obtaining the rector's signature, which is also known as mandate or letter of intent. Please be aware that we will need several business days for the process of appraising the application and obtaining the rector's signature, the latter also being dependent on the rector's availability.

Our Service

  • Obtaining of rector's signature for your letter of endorsement / mandate / letter of intent including the university's seal
  • Immediate dispatch of a scan to you
  • Immediate forwarding of the original to you via interoffice mail – or, if you prefer, we can keep it at the International Office for pick-up

Binationally Supervised Doctorate / Cotutelle Process / Joint Thesis Agreement

The binational doctoral process, also known as cotutelle process, allows doctoral candidates to complete a doctoral degree which is jointly awarded by several universities in different countries.

Division 1.1 provides interested RWTH institutions with "Guidelines for Cotutelle Agreements" and an English-language template for a "Joint Thesis Agreement."