Scientific Integrity


RWTH Aachen University cultivates a culture of honesty in science and research. As a center of research, teaching and the promotion of young talent, it assumes institutional responsibility for ensuring that the rules of good scientific practice are observed and that scientific misconduct is identified and penalized.



Scientific Integrity Team



Scientific integrity does not only encompass the communication of and compliance with the rules and Principles for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice, but also refers to high quality and robust practice across the full research process at all stages of scientific qualification.

All researchers working at RWTH Aachen University have the obligation to commit to scientific integrity as an ethical principle and to adhere to the rules, which are in line with the Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice (de) published by the German Research Foundation DFG.

RWTH offers guidance to early career researchers on how to achieve scientific integrity. Guidance is provided by academic supervisors as well as through further education offerings offered by RWTH's Center for Professional Leadership.

The rules of good scientific practice serve as guidelines for the responsible conduct of research in all its stages and its publication. They also apply to the management of research data. With the demand for Open Science, access to and archiving of research results and the associated management of research data is becoming increasingly important.

If there is an indication or allegation of scientific misconduct within the University, a committee will be instituted by the Rector’s Office to investigate and resolve the matter. The ombudspersons for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice can be contacted to provide assistance in cases of conflict or in the event of suspected scientific misconduct. The academic ombuds of the Faculties are also available to assist in such matters. The Rules of Procedure for Dealing with Scientific Misconduct of DFG provides information on how to deal with questions and the step-by-step procedure in case of conflict.