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This webpage is in Easy English so that people with disabilities can understand the information. Many official websites in Germany use Easy German to make their information accessible. RWTH has also made a general description of the University in German. This is the adapted English version.

What is RWTH?

RWTH is a university.

A university is a place where people study.

When you study, you learn about something.

  Picture of people. They could all be students at RWTH. Copyright: © Lebenshilfe Bremen/S. Albers

Who can study at RWTH?

You need to have a high school diploma to study at RWTH.

In Germany, this high school diploma is called Abitur.

What is "studying?"

At university, students spend their time studying.

A student is someone who learns something.

It is like learning at school.

But at university you only study one subject.

Sometimes students choose two degree subjects.

At university, subjects are also called degree programs.

  Two people learning together. Copyright: © Lebenshilfe Bremen/S. Albers

What degree programs does RWTH have?

RWTH has lots of degree programs. For example:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electronical engineering
  • Business and economics
  Students with their certificates. Copyright: © Lebenshilfe Bremen/S. Albers

What happens when you finish studying?

Students study degree programs for several years.

Students get a certificate when they finish.

A certificate is a piece of paper that shows you have something, like a skill.

For example:

  • Bachelor
  • Master
  People working on a machine model. Copyright: © Lebenshilfe Bremen/S. Albers

Who works at RWTH?

Lots of people work at RWTH.

Some of these people are professors.

Professors teach students.

Professors are very clever.

Professors do research.

Research means finding new information.

Professors teach students this new information.

  A man with his thumb up Copyright: © Lebenshilfe Bremen/S. Albers

Where is RWTH?

RWTH is in Aachen.

Aachen is a city.

Aachen is in Germany.

Aachen is near to the Netherlands and Belgium.

Aachen is very old.

RWTH is also very old.


The images on this webpage are from Lebenshilfe für Menschen mit geistiger Behinderung Bremen e.V., Illustrator Stefan Albers, Atelier Fleetinsel, 2013


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