University Development Plan RWTH Aachen University 2022


RWTH has identified and formulated its medium-term development goals in an integrative discourse by drawing up its university development plan. Together with the university committees, representatives of various organizational units and central institutions, it was determined how RWTH defines its high-performing areas, where new perspectives are seen, and how it can achieve its mission statement "Knowledge. Impact. Networks." in the future.

The essential contents and goal formulations of already existing strategy papers and development concepts have been incorporated into the university development plan, meaning that it serves RWTH as a condensed central strategy document.

As the central strategy document and internal management instrument of the University, the university development plan sets the guidelines for future strategic decisions and structurally relevant planning. It serves as a frame of reference within which concrete measures to achieve the formulated goals are designed and implemented by the University's committees and officers. Through this, the University remains in an ongoing discourse regarding effective measures to implement its goals, visions and values.

Due to these dynamics as well as the ever faster innovation cycles in science, business and society, the university development plan is continuously reflected upon and updated at appropriate intervals.

  Copyright: © RWTH Aachen The Fields of Action and Cross-Sectional Tasks at RWTH Aachen University

During the process, the fields of action and overarching cross-sectional tasks of RWTH were critically reflected upon and specific development perspectives were identified with a view to the RWTH planning principles. The same applies to the governance processes and structures of RWTH, which underpin the fields of action and cross-sectional tasks as a regulatory framework.

The fields of action of RWTH - study and teaching, research, transfer and innovation - describe the main tasks of the University and are supported by the cross-sectional tasks as well as the governance and the organization and infrastructures of RWTH. The cross-sectional tasks are cross-functional and serve to implement and network the activity in the fields of action. They interact with each other and form the University culture.

In the university development plan, all areas of the fields of action, cross-sectional tasks, governance, and organization and infrastructure relevant for the strategic development of RWTH are described and their future orientation is presented.