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When we think about our future, we have to ask ourselves more questions than ever before. How will artificial intelligence change our everyday lives? How will human coexistence develop? How and what will we be eating tomorrow? Universities such as RWTH are addressing such questions and dealing with the pressing global challenges of our time by engaging in discourse with society.

The Citizens' Forum RWTHextern presents possible answers and solutions from our scientists in an understandable and comprehensible way. It does this via its varied program, which also includes all the events listed here. It informs members of the public in the border area about the numerous activities of RWTH Aachen University. The aim is to convey as comprehensive a picture of the University as possible by communicating initiatives from research, teaching, and academic life in a target group-oriented, understandable, and entertaining manner. In this way, RWTHextern acts as an important intermediary between the University and its urban environment.

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RWTHextern is a partner of Future Lab Aachen – The Art of Progress.


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