RWTHextern Event Series


Current dates and offers of the various event series of the RWTHextern Citizens' Forum can be found in its program. The various event series are attractive to a broad audience:

  • young and old alike
  • citizens seeking more education
  • students
  • music lovers
  • theater and literature fans

Everyone is welcome to attend RWTHextern Citizens' Forum events.

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RWTH Explains the Nobel Prize

The new Nobel Prize laureates are announced every year in October. If a topic has interesting links to research conducted at the University, RWTHextern offers timely on these Nobel Prize topics at short notice. This year, RWTH scholars will explain the Nobel Prizes in Medicine, Chemistry, and Physics.

  Group photo of the RWTH Big Band on a lawn © RWTH Bigband

Culture Lab

The series "culture lab" builds the framework for diverse cultural events like exhibits, presentations, theater performances, and concerts by renowned artists at RWTH. As the title of the series promises, cultural experiments also have a place at the University. The experimental nature of the projects will continually increase over time.

  People discussing a topic on a stage © Andreas Schmitter

Uni at City Hall

The event series Uni at City Hall, hosted by the city and university sees current topics and controversial issues discussed by well-known experts in science and society in a panel discussion. The event series touches on citizens' interests, leading to more discussions, participation, and individual activities in political and established structures. As a result, this series always keeps its finger on the pulse of current affairs.

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In our Spotlight series, a certain topic of current relevance is discussed, such as US elections, Robert Koch, or human rights. This series is characterized by its broad spectrum of topics.

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Technology on Tour

Under the name “Technology on Tour”, RWTHextern Citzens' Forum holds tours of interesting institutes, workshops, and labs at the University. Take an inside look at RWTH with our Technology on Tour series.

  The old gate in front of Kármán Auditorium © RWTH Aachen

Lecture Series

Our lecture series present an exciting research topic at RWTH and are organized by the University's institutions. They are either held every semester or every other semester.

  People on a stage © Andreas Schmitter

Charlemagne Prize at RWTH

On the day before the award ceremony for the International Charlemagne Prize of the city of Aachen, the designated recipient of the prize traditionally pays an exclusive visit to RWTH. Students can look forward to a talk and a discussion on current European topics.