Campus Security



In case of emergency, fire, or other emergency situations, please immediately notify Campus Security!


We're There for You

In Case of an Emergency - 24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year

The Campus Security team is committed to providing a safe campus environment at RWTH Aachen University.



  • patrol all university buildings and the entire campus to ensure a high level of personal safety
  • maintain and constantly monitor fire-alarm and other hazard detection systems as well as alarm camera systems, intruder alarm systems, elevator emergency systems, and emergency phones
  • assist during critical incidents, requesting immediate support, if necessary, from the University's on-call services, the police, the fire department, ambulance services, etc.
  • safeguard operational sites and provide first aid in the case of accidents
  • provide lock and unlock services outside of staff office hours; manage locking systems and distribute and administrate keys
  • register and document burglary, theft, or property damage in cooperation with the police and secure evidence
  • close off areas e.g. in the context of construction work, special events, and hazards
  • have a repository for items lost and found on campus
  • decorate the main campus buildings with flags in case of a special event
  • act as a central point of contact for questions, queries and problems


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