Campus Safety

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Contact in Case of Emergency

University Security can be reached around clock, every day.

Within RWTH: 113 (for emergencies)

From outside the University: +49 241 80 94250


Important Emergency Numbers

RWTH Aachen is equipped with an alert and emergency reaction system.  Initial information in emergencies takes place either via telephone by university security or automatically through an electronic notification system (e.g. fire alarms). 

Harassment and Assaults

Please directly notify the police through the emergency number 110.  Please note, that a large part of the university campus has reception from foreign countries.  We recommend putting the following number in your cell phone on speed dial: +49 241 957 710 222.

Campus Safety Improvement

In order to improve campus safety, a site visit took place on January 26, 2012, with the Equal Opportunities Officer and many representatives from Department 10.0 Facility Management.

Participation in EU Project

Premises brought up by female RWTH Aachen students in the survey for the EU project Gender-based Violence, Stalking and Fear of Crime were examined.  Specific deficiencies were documented and will be resolved as much as possible by the University itself.

The university will collaborate with the city of Aachen, Student Services, or the NRW Building and Infrastructure Service for those deficiencies that do not apply to the university campus.


Reporting Defective Security Precautions

Please contact the RWTH Aachen Störstelle to report defective lamps or lighting fixtures, missing streetlamps, etc:

Registering Security Risks

High bushes, obstructed paths on campus, etc, that negatively effect your personal feeling of safety, should be reported via to the RWTH grounds services.

An accident notification management system is currently being created, that will enable a clear response about the state of remedying a defect .  We thank you for your patience in this matter.


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