Talking About... How Sustainability Is Driving Innovation


Part 2

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Talking About... How Sustainability Is Driving Innovation
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Interview With Jenny Bofinger-Schuster, Siemens – Long Version
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Interview With Marcella Hansch, everwave – Long Version

Universities are places of innovation and Germany is in an excellent position when it comes to incremental innovations – i.e. the optimization and further development of what already exists – thanks in part to its universities. However, the context for innovation is changing significantly. Alongside digitization, sustainability is one of the major "make or break" issues for Europe as a business location. For the European Green Deal to succeed and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations to be achieved, innovations in radically different technologies are needed instead of further developing unsustainable technologies.


This requires a fundamental shift in perspective: away from classifying sustainability as an additional burden and toward understanding sustainability as an innovation driver.

  • What does this mean for the innovation processes and ecosystems of universities?
  • What course must universities set (in teaching, in research, in transfer, but also in their own operations) in order to continue to contribute to sustainability, competitiveness, and prosperity?
  • How can we shape the future world of work, technological change, and digitalization in a socially just way all at the same time?

We will discuss these questions in the second edition of "The New Fiction of Good Science – Talking About...".






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