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This year, RWTH is looking back on 150 years of University history. A lot has happened over that time. Rectors, professors, and students from Germany and all over the world have come and gone, have learned, researched, and put their insights to practical use. The campus has grown steadily, with new streets built and named, numerous buildings constructed, and new faculties and institutes added.

So there is plenty of material to fill a quiz with hundreds of questions! The so-called Quizziläum (a play on the German words for “quiz” and “anniversary”) was launched on October 10, 2020. This is significant because teaching at the "Königliche Rheinisch-Westphälische Polytechnische Schule" started on October 10, 1870. So get ready to test your knowledge about RWTH and learn new things in a playful way!

Answering questions is fun and engaging, but so is asking them and thinking up creative answers. Students and employees of RWTH can now start submitting questions on the Intranet that are interesting for the subject matter, historically relevant, and of varying degrees of difficulty. The key thing is the questions must be related to RWTH.

Questions and suitable answers can be submitted online (TIM ID required).

The quiz was developed by Media for Teaching (MfL), the interfaculty service unit for blended learning at RWTH Aachen University. Further use and development of the format for teaching beyond the anniversary is planned.