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“Next Generation University” can be seen as a search initiative: What smart questions could pave the way for the advancement of universities? How can the impact and effectiveness of science be improved?


In doing so, we zoom in from a systems perspective to everyday university life and look for innovative approaches to change at the level of the entire science system, at the institutional level, as well as at the personal level. The starting points we see for this range from taking a close look at the innovation ecosystem to envisaging profound changes to the “interior” of the system to a completely new definition of the university and its role in – and for – society.

We have collected the topics and issues addressed in our workshops so far and categorized them into five key areas:

  • Innovation & Transfer
  • Teaching & Learning
  • Research
  • Rules of the Game
  • Societal Role

At least two experts per key area are involved in the “Next Generation University” board. They will refine the range of topics, set priorities, and work with the network of participants to identify very specific opportunities for change at/by universities and suitable implementation partners (experimental fields).