Minister Schulze Kicks Off Talent Scounting Project


Using funding from the state of NRW, FH and RWTH Aachen are searching for talented pupils in the Aachen region, who come from families with no academic experience.


RWTH Aachen and FH Aachen will officially begin the Talent Scouting project on Thursday, April 27, 2017, at 1pm in the Generali Hall of the SuperC at RWTH, Templergraben 57. The NRW Ministry of Science is providing 6.4 million Euros annually until 2020, totaling more than 30 million Euros. Minister Svenja Schulze is participating in the kick off. Further details are available in the program below.

Aachen Collaborative Project

Talent Scouting Aachen is a joint project between both universities. The aim is to promote equal opportunity and access to education among children from families without academic experience in the Aachen region, which includes the counties of Aachen, Düren, Heinsberg, and Euskirchen. The talent scounts will work with vocational schools, comprehensive schools, and Gymnasien to identify talented pupils and individually support them with the transition from school to vocational training or university studies.

The project, developed at the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences in Gelsenkirchen, should lead to more equal opportunities and equal access to education. The successful Ruhr region project was expanded to universities throughout NRW in the fall of 2016. 14 universities and universities of applied science in NRW are currently participating.