"Philosophy Colloquium" Lecture Series


In the summer semester, the RWTH Department of Philosophy  will again host its "Philosophy Colloquium"  lecture series. Anybody interested is invited to attend!


All lectures take place Thursdays, 6:15 – 7:45pm, in the pausenhalle of the Department of Philosophy, Eilfschornsteinstraße 16.

Date Title
Overview of Lectures
April 30

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Lüthe, RWTH Aachen:

“Witz, Komik und das radikale Böse. Überlegungen im Anschluss an Arthur Schopenhauers Ethik“

("Wit, Humor, and Radical Evil. Thoughts Following Arthur Schopenhauer’s Ethics")

May 7

Prof. Dr. Holger Lyre, Universität Magdeburg:
„Extended Mind, sozialer Externalismus und geteilte Intentionalität“

("Extended Mind, Social Externalism, and Divided Intentionality")

May 21

Dr. Holger Kaletha, Universität Siegen:

„Das thematische Objekt in der Musik. Die Frage nach einer ursprünglichen Wahrnehmungsintentionalität“

("The Thematic Object in Music: The Question of an Original Intentionality of Perception")

June 11

Prof. Dr. Miloŝ Arsenijević, Universität Belgrad:

"Truth and the Open Future: The Solution to Aristotle’s Sea-Battle Challenge with the Principle of Bivalence Retained” (given in English)

June 25

Dr. Jens Peter Brune, Universität Greifswald:

„Ist eine andere Vernunftpraxis möglich? Zur Superrevision einer fast vergessenen Debatte“

("Is A Different Practice of Reason Possible? On the Super Revision of an Almost Forgotten Debate")

July 9

Prof. Dr. Frank Hindriks, Universität Groningen:

"What’s the Difference Between Gender and Money? Social and Institutional Kinds"
(given in English)


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