The Resilience of Teachers


The diverse demands placed on teachers are continually increasing. To address this problem, in 2013, the EU-funded research project “ENTREE - Enhancing Teacher Resilience in Europe” was launched.


Coordinated by Professor Marold Wosnitza from the Institute of Educational Sciences at RWTH Aachen, the project aims to support teachers in Europe in coping with the ever-increasing demands put upon them. Over the next two years, researchers and practitioners from five European countries and from Australia will join forces to develop diagnostic approaches and tools to facilitate accurate self-assessment. A further goal of the project is to create training programs and information material which held instructors to become more resilient at work.

Over the last years, research on the health of teachers has focused on character traits and behaviors which help teachers to stay healthy, effective, and dedicated to their job despite the increasingly challenging demands placed on them.

The central question is as follows: What is it that makes a teacher resilient?

ENTRÉE builds on the foundation set by the results of international resilience research and on a recently completed Australian project investigating the integration of resilience training in teacher education. ENTRÉE will provide an online platform which is to make available the developed tools and approaches, the training programs, and the information material.

The European Union provides funding for ENTREE through its Lifelong Learning Program. The involved researchers come from Australia and the European countries Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Malta, Portugal.