Computer Science Day

About 100 graduates receive their degree certificates Copyright: © Martin Lux

More than 360 students in Computer Science have completed their graduate and postgraduate studies in 2013. At the Computer Science Day on December 6, the graduating students were given a congratulatory farewell. Professor Jan Borchers, Head of the Media Computing Group at RWTH Aachen, and Professor Malte Brettel, Vice-Rector of Industry and Business Relations, lauded the accomplishments of the Department.


In his address, the Dean of the Department of Computer Science, Professor Stefan Kowaleski, drew attention of the productivity and attractiveness of the Department, which is indicated, among other things, by the large number of graduates and first-term student.

Several graduates received awards for their outstanding final theses: Jens Katemann, Philip Kaldenich, Norman Müller, and Daniel Neuen received the Schöneborn Prize for the best Bachelor’s theses, Anne Kathrein was presented with the Industry Prize for the best Master’s thesis, sponsored by the company Ericsson.

Furthermore, two instructors of the department received awards: The students presented Igor Kalkov with a prize for „best student support in teaching;” and Dr. Dirk Thißen received a prize for the “best independent teaching and learning practice.”

In the day’s final presentation, Professor Russell, the Rector’s Delegate for Alumni, informed the graduates about the university’s alumni network.