Vocational Training at RWTH Successfully Completed

RWTH-Auszubildende Gruppenfoto Copyright: © Martin Lux

57 apprentices at RWTH Aachen have received their completion certificates. In a graduation ceremony, Heinz Gehlen from the Aachen Chamber of Commerce IHK, RWTH Chancellor Manfred Nettekoven, Dagmar Deußen from the Staff Council, and Jan Büßenschütt from the Youths and Apprentice Representation congratulated the recipients.


Johannes Baues, Olga Manova, Michael Heinrich Niepel, Philipp Pelzer, and Simon Petring completed their vocational training to become chemical laboratory assistants.

Alexander Daniel Barcan, Saskia Michelle Fretz, Christian Hans, and Sebastian Küpper are now industrial mechanics. They have completed their vocational training in combination with a dual course at FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences.

Hannah Billmann, Julian Ernst, Lena Köhler, and David Stenten are now electricians for devices and systems.

Mohamed Baba, Markus Maria Schmitz, and Jennifer Stötzel all passed the final exam for the IT specialist vocation with a focus on system integration.

The largest group of successful apprentices was in the vocation industrial mechanic with applications in precision tool making, with graduates Niklas Bougé, Max Conrath, Dominik Dovern, Marvin Dückers, Jan-Hans Freialdenhoven, Marvin Hirth, Yannic Hochstenbach, Kevin Rene Jacob, Andy Mikel Jacob, Jannik Joachim Klee, Ole Koberstein, Vincent Robert Mabbett, Esther Mertes, Lukas Nikolaus Neumann, Nils Noppeney, Jan Josef Offergeld, Marco Quicker, Andreas Schlenter, Yannick Tangeten, and Patrick Thieme.

Julia Bündgens, Annika Streit, Daniela Tongo, and Anna Wielgoss are now management assistants for office communication.

Monika Arnold, Elena Braun, Elena Geizenreider, Philippe Gies, Tamara Helmgens, Mejta Kuschel, and Julia Ramakers are now technical production designers, some of the with a focus on machine and system design.

Stephan Ludwigs is now a process technician in the metallurgical and semi-finished products sector, Holger Gehlen a materials tester with a focus on plastics technology. Pierre Laschet has successfully completed his training as a construction materials tester.

Source: Press and Communications