Vocational Training Successfully Completed

Many people standing in front of a building Copyright: © RWTH Aachen

A total of 47 trainees have successfully completed their training at RWTH Aachen University and have now received their certificates.


Heike Borchers from the Aachen Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Head of the RWTH Department of Human Resources Werner Möller, Marc-Oliver Grunert from the Youths and Apprentice Representation, and Nikolaus Merlotte from the RWTH Staff Council all congratulated the students on their achievements at a small ceremony at the University's Guest House.

Miriam Birx, Stephanie Nölke, and Frederike Mareike Schiszler are now qualified chemical laboratory assistants.
Milena Steffi Aretz, Maik Gerhards, Yannick Jakob, Marcus Klinkhammer, Sascha Latten, Robin Lersch, and Christoph Poqué are now fully trained electronic technicians for devices and systems, information and communication technical devices.

Anne-Sophie Schopp passed her examination as a media and information specialist for the library sector.
Hendrik Adrian is now a qualified specialist for warehouse logistics.

Dennis Mathias Ahlert, Maurice Baumann, Kai Leon Czintek, Marian Ecker, Dennis Feder, Sebastian Obinna Galle, Dustin Heimbach, Moritz Jordan, Patrick Omer Kammogne, René Kinzelt, Alexander Lehmann, Tim Loebe, Julius Schreinemacher, and Jetish Syla are all qualified as industrial mechanics with a field of application in precision tool-making.

Cedric Pascal Eßer, Larissa Melzner, and Lara Melina Wirges are now trained industrial mechanics in combination with the dual study course MaschinenbauPLus.

Daniel Becker, Christina Aurelie Galkus, Olivia Jodat, Ricarda Maria Johr, and Tim Voßen are now management assistants for office management.

Sarah Hamacher and Merve Sabab have completed their apprenticeship as management assistants for dialogue marketing.

Timo Vordermark is now a qualified automotive mechatronics engineer with a concentration on passenger car technology.

Anna-Lena Creutz is a trained management assistant for sports and fitness.

Lea Dahlmanns, Robin Georg Hoven, and Aaron Mallmann are now technical product designers in the field of machine and plant construction.

David Heinrichs has passed the examination for process technicians in the metallurgical industry, specializing in iron and steel metallurgy.

Source: Press and Communications