The Fine Line Between Humans and Machines


The latest issue of "keep in touch" reports on an upcoming robotics conference in Tokyo, the StreetScooter electric car, and graduates in management positions.


For the first time, the network of RWTH alumni invites former students and researchers of the University to an event in Tokyo: The RWTH Alumni Science Conference, titled “The Fine Line Between Humans and Machines,” is scheduled to take place in October 2017. The event is made possible by support and funding from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, which ran a competition for international meetings of so-called "research alumni." Out of the 35 universities that participated in the competition, seven were selected for funding.

The alumni conference will offer a wide range of talks and discussions surrounding the topics of robotics and ethics. As Professor Sabina Jeschke, who participates in the program, explains: “Recent developments in robotic systems which are used in close proximity to humans and the increasing automation in manufacturing under the Industry 4.0 paradigm are highly charged topics.” By providing funding for the alumni conference, the Humboldt Foundation seeks to promote knowledge transfer and research collaboration between Japan and Germany.

The latest issue of RWTH’s alumni magazine “keep in touch” provides further information on the event. Furthermore, Professor Günter Schuh, Director of the RWTH Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering WZL, explains the success of the StreetScooter electric vehicle, which is now being manufactured in series production.

The magazine also includes reports on the careers of RWTH graduates Hassan Sawaf and Rana Ilgaz. Sawaf is currently Director of Artificial Intelligence at Amazon, and Ilgaz is strategist at Transport for London.

The RWTH alumni magazine can be read and is available for download via issue at keep in touch. To order a printed copy, please write an email to the or contact us at +49 241 80 95585.