The Most Colorful Show in Germany - SpokenWordClub

SpokenWordClub Copyright: © Matthias Naumann

RWTH Aachen and Burg Wilhelmstein invite the public to attend the event on January 10, 2018, in the Couvenhalle at RWTH Aachen.


The SpokenWordClub is coming to Aachen for the first time. An exciting mix of comedy, poetry, and live music, the "most colorful show in Germany" has already been a great success in its native Cologne: since it began four years ago over 200 artists have stood on the stage with shows regularly sold out. This year, RWTH is collaborating with Burg Wilhelmstein to bring the SpokenWordClub to the RWTH Couvenhalle, Kármánstraße 17-19. The show begins Wednesday, January 10, 2018, at 8pm. Doors open at 7pm.

The moderators Norman and Jesse will kick off the Aachen premiere by inviting Pu from Rebell Comedy to the stage for a so-called home opener, as the successful comedy ensemble was founded in Aachen in 2007. The program also includes Lucie Licht, Chantal Truedinger, David Grashoff, Dominic Mazucco, and DJ Illthinker, who will all provide for an entertaining evening.

The new collaboration between RWTH Aachen and Burg Wilhelmstein had a promising beginning in December with a reading by author Ronja von Rönne. "RWTH has a lot of potential as an event location for us," expalins Hans Brings, cultural manager of Burg Wilhelmstein. The University, in turn, wishes to offers its 45,000 students and 10,000 employees a change of pace from research and teaching with its cultural programs as well as pique locals' interest in the University. "We see ourselves as a further building block in the cultural landscape of the city and an active cultural scene makes the city attractive to live in and to love – for both students and others," says Jens Lundszien, event manager of the RWTH Bürgerforum.

The SpokenWordClub event represents another cultural format to be tested out in the Couvenhalle after the kickoff reading from Ronja von Rönne. Tickets can be bought in advance for 16,95 euros (including fees) at Medienhaus Aachen, the Klenkes-Ticketshop in Cinekarree, the Mayersche Buchhandlung, CTS advance ticket sales locations, and online. Students can purchase tickets from the RWTH AStA for 13 euros. Tickets cost 17,50 euros at the door.

We are happy to arrange interviews with the SpokenWordClub founders and performers. Please call 0241-8095803.

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